Korea has always been the country that I am very keen to visit. PRIMO program offered the perfect opportunity for me to explore Korea as a tourist and also as a student.

Yonsei University is one of the top 3 universities in Korea. As a business student in ANU, I was particularly interested in a course called “Entrepreneurship and Management” offered by Yonsei. I am currently completing this program under PRIMO programs run by ANU Global Programs. I have not seen such a course in ANU. I will be receiving 6 ANU units for upon my completion of this course in Yonsei. If you are interested in something long-term, there is also an option to go on exchange to Yonsei for 6 months.

During the 3-week program, we learnt many theories and case studies about entrepreneurship and management. On the last two days, we put our knowledge into practice and came up with our own startup ideas and presented it in the class. In addition to class presentation, we do have final exam. Don’t be too worried by the idea of having finals for such a short course! The exam was mainly Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) which you won’t get wrong if you listen in class and go through the learning materials.

Entrepreneurship and Management would definitely be an eye opener for anyone who wishes to start his/her own company. If you are not a business student – or if business courses are not of interest to you, Yonsei offers a range of courses from Psychology to IT. You will be spoiled for choices if you decide to embark on this PRIMO journey. Each course in Yonsei is worth 3 credits, which is equivalent to 6 credits in ANU. This indeed is an excellent opportunity to spend your break while also earning academic credits. If you plan your semester well, you might even be able to graduate early – or take less courses on your final semester!

Apart from studying, I HAVE to mention the other highlight of studying in Yonsei – THE FOOOOOOOD!!!

Prices are in 1000S, for example, 6.2 here refers to 6200 KRW.

As a food-lover, 3 weeks were definitely not enough for my tummy! Student Union building in Yonsei University has three cafeterias. Each cafeteria offers its unique range of cuisine. My favorite is the cafeteria with traditional Korean cuisine.

I am not exaggerating here but every dish offered by the cafeteria tastes better than any of the dishes from Korean restaurants in Australia. Side dishes change every day, cafeteria even updates its menu every now and then. It also has cook-yourself machine for you to boil your own instant noodle – how cool is that!

If you are craving for western food, go up to level 2. The cafeteria there offers a wide range of pastas with some interesting Korean twist. If you have a sweet tooth, grab Yonsei-produced chocolate milk after your meal at the convenient store right beside the cafeteria!

Unlike ANU, Yonsei food prices are subsidized! Prices could be as affordable as $3 AUD a meal! From the taste to the price, there is really nothing I could complain about the school cafeterias.

In addition to the student union building, there is also a food court under every student residential place which opens until 8 pm. Most of the food courts offer daily specials, making every meal something to look forward to.

As compared to ANU, Yonsei is quite the opposite. By providing assessable microwaves and kitchens, ANU encourages home-cooked food when students are running out of budget. This way, ANU treats every student as adult, and teaches us to be financially responsible for our daily expenses.

On the contrary, Yonsei creates a buffer between adulthood and student life by providing food at more affordable price so that students would not run out of budget easily. It was interesting to see how the operation of a university could shape students’ eating habits. I’m sure you’ll find more interesting bits and bobs if you were to go for this program or other PRIMO programs!

PRIMO programs take place every December/January and June/July semester breaks. Applications usually open in the beginning of the semester – usually during orientation week until around week 3 or 4. There are a couple of other countries available, including Budapest, Japan, Canada and Singapore. If you are interested to apply for PRIMO, head on to this page for more information:

If you are interested to spend a semester in Yonsei, exchange program will be your best option! To find out more about exchange, you can head on to: https://www.anu.edu.au/students/careers-opportunities/global-programs/exchange