When partaking in a short program abroad, your accommodation is vitally important in creating a positive experience. For the next 10 days, I will be living in the wintry city of Budapest, Hungary, completing the Business Management, International Marketing and Logistics course. The program is facilitated by the ESSCA School of Management and they have chosen IBIS Styles Budapest City to accomodate the study abroad students. This meant that every student in the program lived in the same building, allowing us to quickly make friends and do activities before and after class together.

Budapest is a beautiful city, littered with gothic architecture and elaborate sights. ESSCA is in the heart of Budapest, directly next to the infamous Danube river. Fortunately, IBIS is situated only a short 15 minute walk away from the university – making for a pleasant winter morning walk through the city. IBIS Styles is located next to Boráros Ter train station which has both metro trains and trams leading all throughout the city. A ride on public transport costs roughly 300 HUF (approx. AUD $1.50) and allows you to explore any part of the incredible city to your hearts content.

The program run by ESSCA costs participants 1100 euros which includes accommodation at IBIS Styles. You are roomed with one other student in the program in a twin share hotel room. Each room has a bathroom equipped with a shower as well as amenities such as a hair dryer and shower gel. Something I am forever grateful for is the cleaners who come by your room each day, make your bed and tidy up the space. The rooms are very comfortable and although sharing a room may be daunting for some, I’ve found that the key to enjoying your stay is to respect each other’s down time and busy schedules (don’t be the roommate who showers at 1am).

I was ecstatic to discover that breakfast was included in the accommodation at IBIS Styles and was available between 6:30-10am. Breakfast includes an array of bread, museli, Hungarian sausage, fruit salad and sometimes waffles! I was so thankful to have a warm delicious breakfast made for me every morning before class meaning I could start off my day energised and prepared for the 8 hour class schedule ahead of me.

If I was making a personal trip to Budapest for travel I would say the location is perfect, but I’d look for a slightly more traditional accommodation to get a more authentic perspective on staying in Hungary. I was a little disappointed to see how many beautiful traditional hotels were in the area and we were situated in a modern international hotel chain. Yet on the whole, I’m so happy to be staying at IBIS Styles. After speaking with the other program participants, we have collectively decided that IBIS Styles was the perfect fit for our stay in Budapest.

PS: cost of this accommodation is already included in the program fee – so there is no additional cost to this!