Hi! My name is Hayley and I am currently doing a PRIMO program at Yonsei University. PRIMO is a short-course program happening during either December/January or June/July holidays. You can get 6-12 ANU units upon course completion, depending on which program you choose!

I am currently staying in SK Global and International House. If you are going on PRIMO program or exchange to Yonsei University, SK Global might be one the housing options for you!

International House is a value-for-money option at KRW 483,000 for 24 days. If you value personal space more, SK Global provides a more private sphere at KRW 805,000 for single room and KRW 552,000 for twin room.

There are two types of dorm for international students in Yonsei, SK Global and International House. SK Global is a mixed gender dorm with single & twin room options, all rooms come with private bathroom and toilet; while International House is an all-female dorm with only twin rooms, bathroom and toilets are located at common area shared by the floor. I am currently staying in International House with my roommate Anna who is also on the same PRIMO program as me.

Unlike ANU, most of the international dorm rooms in Yonsei are shared by two students. It is definitely a new experience for me, having to live under the same roof with someone I just met. We live harmoniously by setting lights-off time and wake-up time, the fact that we both took morning classes makes waking up easier!

Yonsei does provide single rooms in SK Global, but I feel that twin room is a better option for students on short-term program. Not only can you save money but also meet new friend! Often, we chat about what happened during the day before we sleep. Having someone living under the same roof as you also distracts you from homesickness.  

Dorms operators in Yonsei is very thoughtful as they provide bedding sets for all students. Thus, you do not have to waste your luggage space or money to purchase duvet, pillow and mattress cover etc. Canteens, convenient store, sim card store and café are conveniently located at B2 of the dorm, making everyday life a lot easier.

One thing you should note of is that gender segregation rules are very strict in Yonsei. Male students are not allowed to set foot in the all-female floors at all. SK Global separates gender by floors and entering room of the opposite sex is strictly prohibited. Once the rules are broken, dorm contract is terminated immediately without compensation. Gathering with friends of opposite gender can be difficult because of this rule. You often see groups of students hanging out in the common area as they are not allowed to hang out in their dorm room.

Similar to ANU halls, the bathroom and toilet is shared by floor. The only thing that I would see as a down size about International House is the shower tap. You have to push the button to turn on the shower faucet, and water only runs for 6 seconds every push. This design makes showering a pain in the neck!

I have to constantly push the button to ensure I could rinse myself. Sound-proofing is not the best at International House if you live near the common areas or the toilets. I was originally assigned a room right outside the common bathroom. I could hear people walking, chatting, and pushing the shower button until 2-3am. Fortunately, International House is understanding enough to swap the room for me. They gave me a new room that is further away from common area and was able to adjust my sleep cycle.