My journey in Australia began since my arrival at Sydney airport. This is my first time to Australia and I am so excited to be here!

There are many exchange students who are also from my country. I managed to become good friends with three other students who also live in the same accommodation as I do! We cook together, grocery shop together – and we even go to each other’s bedroom every Friday night to watch movies! My cooking skills have definitely improved ever-since I came to Canberra on exchange!

The lecturers, tutors and fellow students in ANU are very friendly and helpful. I would not have been able to learn so much without their help. I have had a bit of difficulties in learning a philosophy course here in ANU due to language barrier. My English isn’t the best – so listening to lectures, tutorials and group discussions can be challenging sometimes. It is a tough process but my tutors have been helping through the process – from explaining the essay question to me, teaching how to write a philosophy report, giving feedback on my essays and explaining course materials in a simpler way for me. I do feel frustrated at times as it is difficult to follow some of the lessons but I am grateful for my classmates, tutors and lecturers who are always there to help me. Language barrier is no longer an obstacle in my study because there are a lot of kind teachers and schoolmates who are willing to help you out! There are also learning English conversation groups in ANU for students who want to improve their English!

Social-life and Encoming to the entertainment wise, the month of March is definitely a wonderful time of the year to be in Canberra! There are many events and activities happening in Canberra in March, such as: Enlighten Festival, Canberra Balloon Spectacular, and Skyfire.

My friends and I went to the Parliament House for the Enlighten Festival. We enjoyed delicious food at the Night Noodle Markets, looked at beautiful buildings decorated by colorful lights and joined the crowd to dance on the lawn! All of my stress seems to disappear after immersing myself in such a happy atmosphere! We wandered the night and returned to campus afterwards.

I must say that this is a very good program (exchange program). I could not even imagine that I can have the chance to study abroad at such an excellent university just like a real ANU student. Thanks to this program, I can attain another wonderful education experience, even though I have am from another university in my home town. An exchange experience is not just about broadening our horizons, it leads us to be a better self, we can meet more friends, from different cultural background, who have different minds, abilities, etc.

By going on exchange and comparing our lives at home and here, we know what we are lacking, and how we can make efforts to be a better person, being more insightful, considerable and independent and so on.

There is no difference between ANU students and exchange students, we share the same teaching resources and experience. We go to the same lectures, same workshops, and same drop-in sessions. We have access to the library resources just like ANU students do as well. This kind of experience is more real, and I believe it would be helpful for my future.

However, it seems that time goes so fast, I have been here for a month and a half, I cherish the time I have spent here very much. And I will prepare myself well for the next three wonderful months in ANU!