Where you live on exchange is an important part of your exchange. It serves as your base for the 5-6 months of your exchange, your home away from home. I was given a variety of housing options from my university. I chose my student accommodation, Lappis, based of combined factors including cost, location and strong recommendations from friends who had previously spent their exchange at Stockholm Uni.

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There are more than 3000 people who live at Lappis. It’s a mix of international, exchange and local students as well as families, couples and individuals. The floors are all mixed-gender and mixed-raced, which means you get to meet a variety of people and every floor has between 8-12 rooms. 5 months of rent will cost you about $3280, which is roughly $656 a month, a pretty average inner-North Canberra rental price.

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The room is a studio apartment with a private bathroom with a shower and toilet. For exchange students, rooms come furnished, though there might be some missing pieces from your room (a trip to Ikea is well recommended, not to mention super fun). You share a kitchen with your floor-mates, which is handy for having big dinners with your exchange friends (and also to host a party or three). The kitchen features two stove-tops, two ovens, three fridges and designated cabinets to store food and crockery in for each person on your floor.

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We are required to take care of our own spaces as well as share cleaning duties of communal spaces with our floor-mates. We share laundry rooms with other buildings and have to book 2hr block laundry sessions in advanced on this old-school looking machine – it’s all in Swedish but there are English instructions written on the boards in the laundry room – once you do your laundry 2-3 times, you’ll get the hang of it (I spent many a confused time in the laundry room at the start of my exchange).

Lappis is the only student accommodation on Stockholm University’s main campus. It is a 10-15 minute walk to my classes and to the library. It’s a 7 minute walk to the university gym, which is very affordable. There’s a small supermarket in the complex, but it’s a bit pricier than other supermarkets, much like an IGA. I often do my groceries in the city when I’m in town. There’s also a pub and a small sushi place at Lappis.

Getting into town is super easy. There’s a bus stop about 100m away from the front of my door, or it is a 10 minute walk to the university station (you can even take the bus to the station to save 5 minutes of time), and it’s only about a 20 minute train ride into the city!

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So much greenery surrounds Lappis. There are some woods that border the complex and we’re close to a strait of the Baltic Sea with our very own ‘Lappis Beach’ only about 300m walk away (it’s a part of the Baltic Sea!). I often love going exploring around the wooded area and taking walks along the water, and as it’s getting warm and sunnier, it’s also beautiful to go on runs. There are also BBQs and picnic tables in the courtyards. They’ve been covered in snow so far but I’m looking forward to using them soon as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer.

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Other Housing Options:

Some students have chosen other housing options including student accommodation in town, or renting a room or apartment with Swedish locals. My only advice when thinking about exchange in Stockholm and looking for accommodation is to figure out what you want out of a living space and what kind of an experience you want to have. There are no wrong decisions. You’re bound to have fun either way!