Kakao Talk


Kakao talk is an instant messaging application Korean people use, like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Line. Since it is a common application in Korea, they also create a line of products with characters called Kakao Friends.



There are many Kakao Friends stores around South Korea that sell products of the characters. I think as the marketing style, they keep releasing new products that match the season. They also create new designs and lines to attract new customers. The two dolls I got are the new line that emphasize on the cuteness of the baby Kakao Friends.


They even hold Kakao Friends exhibitions in collaboration with other artists to create a new style of the characters. The one I visited is called “Musee de Kakao Friends”.


Food Delivery Service


I think the delivery service is the main thing that I will miss during the days I spent in Korea. Korea’s Food delivery service is quite famous. They are available anytime and anywhere. After you order it, it arrives within an hour. They even pack it well. There is an application called Yogiyo, which is kind of my dinner friend when I am staying at home. Sometimes I cannot think of what to eat, then I open the application and there are different types of food you can choose from, Korean dish, pizza, Chinese noodles…  You can choose to pay with cash if you don’t have credit card, and earn points for each order, after ordering a few times you have enough point to get discount for your next order.

Since I am mentioning the point system for the delivery application, the membership system in Korea is quite useful for if you live in Korea. They have discounts almost every month. You can also earn points every time you shop and get discounts with it. The “CJone” membership I usually use includes the CGV cinema and Olive Young. For beauty products “Aritaum” is a famous store in Korea that sells many nice quality products. If you have the membership, sometimes you get more discounts too.


Finding a house

From my experience of finding a place to live for the exchange semester in Korea, it is a bit more complicated than I expected. However, finding an agent is going to be easier if you know some Korean. There are many real estate agencies (부동산) in Korea, you just need to go to the area you want to stay in and there will be a few around. Just find the three Korean words 부동. They have information of the housing in that area only. However, remember to prepare your requirements, like the monthly rent, size, and types of room… These allow the agent sort out the rooms that fit you. Then they will bring you for inspection directly.

*** But for exchange students like me, is it difficult to find a place that you can rent for only a few months, they usually offer 1 or 2 years contract.