After 4 busy months, I am finally writing another article. Because like most global ambassadors (I hope), I quickly got overwhelmed with work and travels and didn’t have time to write… sorry ANU, please forgive me.

Now that I have handed in all assignments and finished all my exams, I can finally sit down and write. So where have I been, what have I been doing and are Canadians really THAT nice???

St Patrick's parade in Boston_preview.jpeg
St Patrick’s parade in Boston.

Well firstly (you may be shocked by reading this), I have been studying and working on assignments. Studying at HEC Montreal certainly hasn’t been relaxing, the expectations on students are quite high even for exchange students, so let me tell you if you are reading this article and thinking to go study at HEC Montreal for a ‘holiday exchange’, maybe you should reconsider. I actually quite enjoyed the different style of teaching, it definitely allowed me to gain a new perspective and appreciate more what I have at home.

Chicago Bean_preview
Chicago Bean.

The good thing about Montreal is that there are a lot of cities relatively close to it that you can go visit simply for the day or for a few days without having to catch a plane or spending too much money. I had the opportunity to travel to Quebec City; discovered the beautiful old town, the old homes and the Cathedral and went to the Ice Hotel. I then travelled to Ottawa, the capital of Canada and assisted to my first hockey game ever after visiting the parliament. The following month I travelled to Boston and visited Harvard much to my excitement and witnessed the St Patrick’s Parade. Those trips were organised by the HEC exchange committee and so with all the other exchange students. It’s then that I made the most memorable memories and experienced the best of my exchange.  I also had the chance to go to Chicago for 5 days during ‘spring break’, another amazing trip with new friends.

Ice hotel_preview.jpeg
Ice hotel. 

Now the truth about Canadians. To be honest I didn’t meet as many Canadians, simply because being on exchange means you are constantly with other exchange students from every part of the world except the country you are in. There’s also the fact that Montreal is a very multicultural city. However, I can confidently say that during my travels around the East of Canada every person I met was extremely nice indeed. So yes, I guess Canadians really are that nice.

Ottawa in front of parliament_preview.jpeg
Ottawa in front of parliament.

The next two weeks I plan to travel to Toronto, Washington, Philadelphia and New York City before flying home to Australia.

So, watch this space!!

By Pauline Siteaud