Seoul is not the only city that you should hang around when you are in Korea. There are many cities outside of Seoul that are worth visiting. Each city has their own unique spots which you should go to. Going to places out of Seoul is actually like going to another country as some people say. Gangneung is the first place to start.

Gangneung is the city next to Donghae (East Sea) and located in Gangwondo. It takes 1 and a half hour by KTX, and 3 hours by bus. We decided to take KTX to Gangneung and bus back to Seoul.



The Jumunjin seaside is famous from a scene in the drama called, ‘Goblin’. People will visit this place to take photos like the scene in the drama, and you can also rent a red scarf and an umbrella to mimic the scene in the drama.


As I visited Gangneung before the PyeongChang Olympics, people had already put up decorations for the winter Olympics. There are even LED lights on the streets. There are decorations and a small exhibition in Gangneung. There is a 4D experience in the exhibition, which is a lot more interesting than I expected. There are a few types of winter sports that you can experience there, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, etc. You can really feel the ups and downs of the mountain, and the speed even when you are only sitting on a moving chair.




When you want to find some snacks in Gangneung after walking around, I think going to a local market is the best choice. The Gangneung Jungang Market was introduced in many Korean TV programs. The ‘DakGangJeong’ (Chicken) is one of the famous foods there. They sell it with a big box and you can choose only chicken or with prawns too. However, I like the ‘Hodeokk’ more. It is different than the usual Hodeokk with peanuts that you can eat in Seoul. I tried the ‘Hodeokk’ with ice cream and one with cheese, I like them both. I think you should go there with a few friends so you can try more food.

I only spent a day in Gangneung so I could only go to a few places, but I recommend going for 2 or 3 days and you can also visit Sokcho, the city located at the north of Gangneung.