One of the great things about Canberra is the geographical location of it. When people back home don’t’ know where it is, I best explain it as situated in between Sydney and Melbourne. Since it’s conveniently located between the two, I have taken advantage of that and explored both beautiful cities within the past month and plan to go back many times before my exchange is over.


I first went from Canberra to Sydney a few weekends back, for their famous Mardi Gras event. Hundreds of thousands of people, even some big name celebrities (Cher was the headliner for the after party) travel from all over to take part in these festivities. Everyone is super decked out in rainbow outfits and makeup and its nothing but good times throughout the whole city. This was also the first year that they have had the event since gay marriage was legalized in Australia, so it was a really special event. The Mardi Gras event was definitely one of a kind, I think I had glitter in my hair for the next few weeks after that.



Sydney can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the area, simply because there’s just so much to do! That’s what I love about the city though; it’s so diverse and there’s something for everyone there. Somewhere I also recommend checking out in Sydney is The Rocks. It’s right by the harbour, so the view is amazing, and they have so much going on there too. We went on the weekend so their weekly market was going on with a ton of cool unique vendors with booths opened up to the public. There were also a ton of cool restaurants and shops, its just a great atmosphere, and it’s a bit hidden from the actual downtown core if you’re looking for somewhere a little less hectic.



As for Melbourne, I wish I had more time there, since I was only there for a few days I didn’t have a lot of time to experience it all. It’s been declared the world’s most liveable city for a number of years in a row, and it’s no coincidence why. Everyone there is just so cool and the vibe is really relaxed and diverse. I went mainly for the Gymshark Pop Up store, where I got to meet a bunch of the company’s athletes. It was such an awesome experience, I’ve been following some of the athletes for a while now, so meeting them and getting to hang out with them was so surreal. It was also an awesome atmosphere, since everyone around you is there for the same thing, you all share the same interests and everyone just gets along super well for the weekend. Melbourne is also awesome for vegetarians or vegans like myself; I had absolutely no trouble finding delicious plant based restaurants with heaps of options! Fitzroy has a ton of amazing choices, I tried a vegan Big Mac burger that would blow Macca’s version out of the water any day.


Both of these cities are amazing destinations and I can’t wait to go back and explore some more!