Canberra is wearing vivid beautiful colours, as spring comes. The city is waking up from the winter, birds start again to sing (and magpies try to kill you) and everything seems to breathe new life. Those are some of the feelings I had while I was walking near the lake, on my way to the Floriade. This festival, this year at its 30th edition, seems to symbolize the triumph of spring over winter, of colours over dark skies, of sunlight over sunset at 4pm.

During daytime it is very nice to have a walk surrounded by colourful flowers, but during the evenings of the Nightfest, it’s even more interesting. In fact, not only can you see the beauty of nature, but also of man-made arts: light games, music, live performances, turn the Floriade in a full mind and body experience! Here are some of the highlights of the Nightfest.


The Vines

Among all the light installations in the Nightfest, the Vines were definitely my favourite. It consists of thousands of LED lights, aligning straight just like vines in forests. From time to time, colours of the lights change and together with the music, it becomes a romantic place for couples to wander through and to take gorgeous pictures. But still, a warm reminder for all: Don’t get too excited but watch out for the vines! Unlike the real vines in forests, the vines here are wiggly and it can be very painful bumping the lights inside the vines.


Comedy Show

Watching a comedy show and laughing with your friends is probably the best thing to welcome Spring. It is hard to describe how great the atmosphere there is until you really go there to experience on your own. It was windy and cold the night I went to the Nightfest but the jokes and the laughter warmed me up. I especially like The Stevensons’ musical comedy duo about them being identical twin brothers. Finishing the visit with their comedy show was definitely a good idea as it made my visit to Night Fest even more memorable.



Floriade is one of the unique events to show how Australians welcome Spring and it is completely new for me as an Asian. Nevertheless, I think there is one thing that is in common for all nations and cultures about the essence of Spring. It is more about spending time with the ones you like and showing them your love and care. So, it doesn’t really matter whether you are going out to the Floriade or just sticking at home enjoying movies. It’s about who you are with that makes Spring unforgettable.


But still, Floriade is definitely an event you would not want to miss and if you are planning to go, make sure you hurry up! The festival will finish on October 15th!