Hey, I’m Vienna’s sunglasses. Or at least, I was. Today, I’m freelance – roaming about the Mediterranean, going where the waves take me, living the dream.

I was made specially for Vienna. She has a problem, you see. Well, she has many problems, but the one I’m referring to is her sight. She didn’t need glasses at all before university, but hey, readings (or avoiding readings) does that to a person. Anyway, that’s why I only came into existence halfway through last year. I was super excited to be going on an overseas adventure at the start of January, but I really didn’t get to see much of the world in the 6 weeks of travelling before we arrived in Austria. After all, I’m sunglasses. Vienna never took me out if there wasn’t any sun, and it was Winter here!


But then Spring beckoned, and with it a two week long break from university courses. 16 whole days! I waited with baited lenses – where would we go? What would we see?

Croatia! I could barely contain my excitement! The land of sun, sea, and Game of Thrones (much of GoT was filmed here).

GoT Throne in Lokrum

First: Zagreb, the capital. The next two days were fantastic. People often say that half a day in Zagreb is enough, but Vienna and I really loved the vibe of the place. We wandered around the streets, and we used the fact that we were in Zagreb with a friend as an excuse to go to restaurants and drink wine and bask in the sunlight.


Next stop was Korenica, a little village outside the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park. The day we arrived, Vienna dumped her bags and we went straight on an 8-hour long hike up to an abandoned Croatian military base at the top of a mountain. We had fantastic views over Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and had some very interesting experiences along the way – including befriending dogs, avoiding land mine (sign)s, and trekking across snow. The following day we visited Plitvice lakes, which are gorgeous. The day after that we went on a hike up a smaller mountain, accompanied by a book and a bottle of wine.

Next: Split. A striking old town and central parkland made Split well worth the visit. We visited several beaches – we even discovered a nudist beach! On our final day here I was neglected for the first time in our holiday – it had started to rain.


Finally: Dubrovnik, AKA King’s Landing. An absolutely spectacular place. The old town, surrounded by its fortified walls, is picturesque. On our second day there, we took a boat to Lokrum Island (AKA Qarth). We ventured onto the rocky headland and started jumping from rock to rock. I gazed out at the sparkling Mediterranean and felt at home. Vienna looked down for a moment and I seized my chance. I leapt from her hat where I had been resting and embraced the sea. She would search for me later, fruitlessly. Vienna was nice enough, but to spend the rest of my days in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean – ah! That’s the dream!

I leapt off Vienna's head somewhere here