Part 4 – The Storm Breaks (after knocking down a few more innocent trees)

I received a call at home on Wednesday afternoon. It was the Brisbane visa office. They informed me casually, as if it wasn’t a matter of life or death for me (okay, okay, I suppose it wasn’t TECHNICALLY a matter of life or death) that my biometrics (fingerprints) hadn’t been processed properly. Could I just pop in that afternoon to do them again?
It was a sunny day outside, but a storm was brewing inside my head. This was their error entirely. I had been assured yesterday that everything had gone through properly. It is their job to process my information at the time of my appointment and make sure everything is in order. I had told them yesterday that I could not come back again as I live three hours (and consequently $50+) away.

I told the woman on the phone, who had called at 3pm, that I could NOT come in today, because I live over 3 hours away. I informed her politely through my rage that I would come in the following day.

And so, I returned to Brisbane very early on Thursday morning. Of course, the trains took this opportunity to break down, so I was sitting in an unmoving train on a track between the Gold Coast and Brisbane for some time with an array of other unimpressed commuters. I had left my house shortly after 5am, so even with this delay I still arrived at the visa office at around 9am. This time, they saw me straight away. My biometrics were retaken and I was out of there by 9:30am. Finally: a quick and painless interaction with visa people!

I was annoyed because the 15 working day count was now ticking over. Two days had been wasted due to the incompetence of the Brisbane visa office. But I hoped that they would send my application that very day (seeing as I had been in extremely early) or at the latest on Friday.

The universe, who was amazed by my optimism after everything that I had experienced, laughed again.

Catch the final part of the thrilling adventure later this week! Will our heroine make it overseas? (Spoiler alert: she super does.)