G’day mate!

When I first heard this expression, I was very surprised and didn’t know how I should respond to this.

But now as I have been living in Canberra for six months, not only I know how I should respond when someone say this to me but also I DO use this expression daily.

I already came half way through of my one-year exchange program and realized how much I love this city “Canberra”.

There are three reasons that I came to like Canberra.

Canberra is abundantly blessed with nature.31112231526_1f3b229392_o

Canberra is a totally different place from where I came from. I came from Tokyo, Japan where people live within the concrete jungle and are barely exposed to the nature. I will not say I hate living in the concrete jungle because I grew up with it. However after I came to Canberra and saw beautiful nature, I came to realize how good it is to live with nature. I feel very relaxed and I enjoy seeing nature especially stars at night. (Cannot see any stars if you are living in Tokyo).

ANU is such as amazing place to study.19300839458_f3fc7f37b5_o

In the first semester at ANU, I took four courses which were related to international relation and Asian politics and I DID like all the courses that I took. I was amazed by the education system in ANU where each course requires students to attend both lecture and tutorial. I strongly believe this educational method is very effective and makes students more motivated to study because at lecture, we are expected to listen to what professors say and lean new materials. Then at tutorial, we are expected to participate in the discussion regarding the material they learn from lecture and readings. I think these two different types of class will maximize student’s learning.  In Japan, there is no tutorial .So what all the students do during the class is just passively listen to what the professors say. I really like tutorial because even though it is very challenging and difficult, it gives student opportunity to proactively think and talk about materials they learn from class. So this is why I believe ANU is a great place to study.

You can meet SO many different people in Canberra.19482015245_6077d15d9e_o

As I stepped into this city, I immediately understand why Australia is considered as a multinational country. I have seen and met a lot of people from different parts of the world including t Asia, Europe, U.S, and Africa. It is always fascinating to meet people from different countries and the most interesting thing for me is to find out the similarity and difference between my country and other people’s countries. In addition, by interacting with people from different countries, I have learnt many different perspectives and thoughts about the world and this totally have been influencing how I see the world in a good way.

Unfortunately the time to say good bye to this lovely city is approaching and my goal for now is to make most of the time here and find more good things about this city.