After an exciting one-week trip around Germany, I can say that I have fallen in love with this beautiful country.

On October 4th, I arrived in Munich after an extremely long flight of 28 hours including an 8-hour transfer stay in Thailand. My friend, who is also an engineering student from ANU, picked me up from the airport. He came to Germany this August to attend the language college.

I have been offered a single studio, which is pretty lucky as I heard that the housing situation is quite difficult in Munich. It is located in a huge building with 19 floors which gives me many chances to meet people and make friends.

Rail infrastructure is well developed in European continent which makes it convenient to travel among countries. In Munich, students can get a semesterticket for 189€ to get an unlimited transit authority in the comprehensive network.

Speaking of food, there are canteens around uni which can save me a lot of time from cooking.  Also street food like Currywurst (sausage with ketchup and curry powder covered) could be a good choice and there are takeaway stores in almost every train station.

For shopping places, Germany is well-acquainted with discount grocery stores and is the birthplace of Aldi chain, though stores here are relatively small compared with coles or woolworths supermarkets in Australia.

Before arrival, my friend and I booked German Rail pass which enables visitors to travel on all scheduled trains around Germany for one week. On 6th October, we jumped on the train carrying online-researched travel tips and started our adventure. We traveled to a total of six cities including Frankfurt, Cologne, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Berlin and Prague. As neither of us has been to Europe before, there were so many great things for us to see and we were really excited!

Thanks for reading this blog and if you are also interested in Germany or other European countries, feel free to comment and let’s have a chat Y(^o^)Y!