Nearing two weeks since arriving in Japan, the ways of this world are slowly making sense to me. An empty dorm is now full of students, I can make sense of Tokyo’s famous subway network, and I realised the local supermarket indeed has a produce section on the basement level. Meaning I no longer rely on sliced apples and watermelon for my daily fruit.

When I arrived at Komaba International Lodge, I suppose I expect what I had experienced moving into Fenner Hall the first time. A flurry of new people interested in meeting everyone. Here, we were tired from our flights and drained from Tokyo’s omniscient humidity. While my body thanked me for a power nap, this left my first few days feeling awfully alone in a foreign country.

But alas it is not all despair, as colleges and universities have ways to bring people together. You meet one person down the hall from you, then ten from your building, seven from another, and a hundred attending your program. I was overwhelmed in a short few days. And classes have not even started yet.

And so my recent days exploring Tokyo have gone off the beaten track. From shrines housing gods to streets lit by neon, Tokyo’s energy is best experienced in the company of friends. Soon classes will start, leaves will turn red, and I will have to find new things to feature in these blogs.