With a long standing love of travelling, I always wanted to go on exchange. I didn’t only want to travel to different countries and experience different cultures, but I wanted to live and immerse myself in another community, to get to know the back-streets and call it home!

I even had a dream a few weeks back where I was grocery shopping in my local German Aldi. I must have either been seriously hungry or as they say, once you start dreaming foreign you must be fluent.

Germany seemed like an appropriate choice for me to study Engineering given their notorious education and innovation in the industry. At the Technical University of Munich, I had the opportunity of a lifetime, academically TUM provided me with some skills and education that I couldn’t have had at ANU. The vast number of subjects that are on offer at TUM are huge, so I got to choose one where it combined both Finance and Engineering – my double degree at ANU. This opened my mind to a plethora of future opportunities!


College of Engineering and Computer Science at ANU not only offers students a chance to go on exchange, but also offers various other opportunities. Some are: Singapore with Enable Development, Cambodia, India or Nepal with Engineers Without Borders and also America with HST-ANU Summer School, a joint initiative of Harvard University and MIT.

These other programs are great for students who may not have enough electives to go on exchange. My advice is to go and see the CECS admin staff because in my experience, there are so many ways to re-jig your degree plan just so that it fits with exchange!

I met people from all over the world and made life-long friendships with Costa Ricans, Italians, Poles, Brits and of course fellow Aussies!

We were fortunate to be based in Munich, being so central in Europe meant we got to travel to many different countries but we made sure we didn’t forget to explore our hometown as well.  My friends and I were all open to new experiences, we learnt from each other and gave everything a good go.