The best thing about going on exchange is the travel.

Before I started my semester at King’s College London, I went to Helsinki and Tallinn.

On weekends during my studies I went to Oxford, Cambridge, Madrid and Dublin and all with friends I made whilst studying.


I now have friends from Germany, the US, Ukraine, South Korea, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland and even a few new British and Australian friends, too.

After exchange I went backpacking through Budapest, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Rome. Again, meeting up with friends I made whilst studying.

Highlights included the underground party-scene in Budapest, the stunning beauty of Lake Geneva and the absolutely mind-blowing food and wine culture of Italy.

The second best thing about going on exchange is the exchange itself.

I was lucky enough to be at the most central university in London, overlooking the Thames and on the same block as Somerset House.

Somerset House hosts a number of art galleries including the famous Courtauld Gallery where you’ll find the best impressionist art in the world (think Manet, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet and Degas).


I even had an ice-rink on campus.

Nearby stood the grand old Maughan Library, complete with a clock tower overlooking the city (and press gallery waiting to snap Prince William and David Attenborough leaving the library).

There was never a dull moment studying in London, which is why it’s so hard to study in London. The only problem is that it all has to end.